Driven by my constant curiosity and fascination with the built environment, I am continuously investigating systematic challenges and designs ability to impact on multiple scales, whether that be at the urban, organizational, or human scale. With a background in architecture and strategic consulting, I have worked on a variety of human centered projects across multiple disciplines. Some of my varied skills I bring to design research are visual storytelling, user engagement, space planning, and data analytics. I thrive in ambiguous environments and love to collaborate with others to solve complex problems.

Since 2013, I have been working as a design strategist in San Francisco for interdisciplinary design firms. Projects focus on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to inform design strategies and align the programmatic needs of the user and client within the built environment. Projects also emphasized constant experimentation with new tools and technologies to better understand the interaction between user, environment, and building.

As a motivated and creative professional, I am looking for new opportunities in design strategy and early phase concept development where the work would lead to great design and impact.

t: 860.481.9350

e-mail: ejlessig@gmail.com

twitter: @llessig7